I’ve been working as a designer and front-end developer for roughly the last decade. I have increasingly been involved in helping companies establish and maintain design systems for the efficient deployment of web applications. I have, in most part, always cared about substance over form; content over style, but still have an appreciation for the role style plays in human happiness. Beyond my commercial profession, I enjoy various forms of design, literature, and art.


Triple major graduate of Linguistics, Anthropology, and Journalism & Media Studies, followed by lots of self-taught design and development education through books, building things, intermittent chin scratching, and smart people around me.

Why a career in tech?

In my fourth year of study I specialised in New Media, which introduced me to digital user interface design and development. This, along with my interest in philosophy, culture, and communication, as well as my natural affinity for logic and rational thinking, made my consequent career as a match-maker for human/computer relationships somewhat inevitable.

Work website: Vast

This is kind of what I look like.

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