Alexander Maughan

Web Applications

  • Web Application Design
  • JavaScript Engineering
  • Selective Fullstack Development

What I do

I'm a web application designer and engineer, with a preference for JavaScript applications built on top of Node.js, typically using things like SvelteKit, Next.js, GraphQL, and various types of serverless APIs. This is usually used in a decoupled fashion with an appropriate headless CMS and other data sources, leveraging incremental static regeneration, server-side rendering, and proxy API routing with server-side authentication. The result: focused specialisation, high performance, and greater security.

Additional UX experience

During the course of designing and building things for the web for 17 years, I have also had significant experience in various types of design roles, with periods of specialisation in bigger-picture user experience design, functional interaction design, high-fidelity user interface design, as well as content design and information architecture.

My preferred workflow

I work remotely and only come into client offices for short periods if it is really required. I've worked remotely for many years, so I am already well suited to it.

I believe in iterative improvement, transparent communication and accountability, and the mantra of stop starting and start finishing.

I like to rely on task management tools and merge requests (for technical collaborators) to form the bulk of communication and feedback. Other collaboration tools can then be used as necessary to fill the gaps that these don't cover. Less overheads for you; more accountable productivity from me.

New working relationships

I recommend a limited-risk trial period or a small parcel of work to see if I'm going to be a good fit. I can provide testimonials and examples of my work on request.