Alexander Maughan

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    Web Developer

    HTML + CSS + JavaScript + LAMP

    Component-centric MVVM work (Angular or Vue.js), but also more robust web applications that use progressive enhancement on the client side, keeping all controller and model complexities on the server (MVC). Regular use of things like Node.js automation (Grunt, Gulp), as well as HTML and CSS preprocessing (Sass, Handlebars) to organise globally configurable front-end libraries agnostic to server side decisions.

    Remote work only

    I'm a big proponent of task transparency, branch-driven development, and the mantra of stop starting and start finishing. Video and IM tools fill in gaps that PRs and task management tools don't cover. Less overheads for you; more accountable productivity from me.

    New working relationships

    I strongly prefer zero-risk trial periods and technical tests over subjective interviews or portfolios. My work history and recommendations can be viewed on LinkedIn.

My time zone is UTC +2:00