Alexander Maughan

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    Web Developer

    HTML + CSS + JavaScript + LAMP

    I design and make things for the web. This has involved both traditional web application development (various types of MVC and not-so-MVC) as well as more client-heavy MVVM work (read lots of JavaScript). I've worked with Vue.js, Angular, Laravel, Rails, Spring, and WordPress. I've mostly worked with LAMP environments (PHP, not Python).

    Remote work only

    This is not only due to COVID-19 FUD. I've been working remotely for the majority of my career, and successfully at that. Good processes and good people consistently prove that remote collaboration can be an objectively efficient and considerate way of getting things done, and done well.

    My preferred approach

    Specifics can and should change from one scenario to the next, but there are some underlying approaches that I've found to be universally effective, which should be obvious to most. Namely, task transparency and accountability, branch-driven development, and the mantra of stop starting and start finishing. For this reason, task management tools and merge requests form the bulk of necessary communication. Video and IM tools then fill the gaps that these don't cover. Less overheads for you; more accountable productivity from me.

    New working relationships

    I can provide examples of my work on request. I normally recommend a limited-risk trial period or a small parcel of work to see if I'm going to be a good fit.

    I'm available for new work starting 1 July 2020