Alexander Maughan

I make things for the web.

Most commonly, this involves the creation of component-driven UIs for various web-based approaches. From document-centric websites with generated views on the server side, to single page applications generated on the client side, and everything in between.

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    From clarifying business and user priorities, to mapping the bigger picture, to the execution of the final, modularised interface. I'm an experienced UX, interaction, and visual designer.

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    I'm an HTML, CSS, and JavaScript specialist and very comfortable working with different stacks and tooling. Namely LAMP, Docker, Node.js & NPM, Webpack, Vue.js, and AngularJS.

Over 12 years experience. Many happy clients and colleagues.

Below are kind words from just a few of them.

Alex is without a doubt the most versatile designer I have had the privilege of working with. He is able to not only create truly stunning interfaces and beautiful designs, but also to quickly and easily adapt to new platforms, ideas and technologies. For a technology company like FireID, which creates a multitude of web, and mobile applications and prides itself on being innovative and fast-moving, it was incredibly useful to find a designer who is able to work closely and effectively with developers and get up to speed quickly on any project. Moreover, Alex is a pleasure to work with. He has a calm, efficient approach and pleasant, easygoing demeanour even when dealing with difficult people. I would recommend him without the slightest hesitation. We threw him into the deep end many times and on every occasion he performed brilliantly.
Carl Kritzinger, FireID
Alex has that rare combination of passion and expertise that will make me do everything I can to work with him on a project. As a designer and front-end developer Alex has a relentless focus on quality and detail that is only matched by his ability to be pragmatic about what is possible within the constraints of a project. But more than anything else, I like how Alex *thinks* about design and front-end development. He understands that design is about problem-solving and decision-making, and he makes a continuous and successful effort to hone his craft and get better and better at what he does. It's Alex attitude and insatiable curiosity in addition to his technical execution skills that makes him such an asset to any team that is serious about their user experience.
Rian van der Merwe,
Alex was instrumental in defining our UI Framework and a cornerstone of our user experience group at kalahari. He really knows his stuff when it comes to front-end development and best practises. All he wants to do is design or code the best possible product for users and the business. He welcomes feedback and incorporates good suggestions gladly, but also defends decisions when he believes he made the right choices.
Anthony Theunissen,
Alex's work is ahead of its time. Although technically gifted, he is still able to clearly communicate his approach and design philosophy. He encourages thought-through comments on his work but remains strong on the cornerstones of his designs & their implementation. An asset to any online company.
Trevor Gosling, 5ounces
As the Platter team member who mainly dealt with Alex, I can vouch for his professionalism, reliability, courteousness, efficiency and readiness to go the extra mile. I would have no hesitation recommending him to potential clients and prospects.
Philip van Zyl, Platter's Wine Guide
Alex embodies all you could hope to find in a UX position. He is organised and approaches his work systematically, as well as being widely knowledgable over a broad range of topics. These qualities, wrapped up with his extraordinary creativity and tempered with healthy doses of empathy and patience, allow Alex to really excel at his chosen profession. My respect for Alex has grown exponentially over the past few months as I have been witness to his approach in meeting deadlines and his relentless commitment to the team.
Jennifer Walker, Mr D
Alex's dedication, knowledge and passion for his craft shines through in every exchange I've had with him since he first joined our team. He has provided exceptional leadership and output across UX, design and front-end dev and is a key contributor towards all new product development at Mr D. As a product manager, I'm fortunate to have such a strong UX and design teammate in Alex and continue to enjoy our daily interactions. He comes highly recommended.
Julien Rizzo, Mr D
I worked with Alex while he was doing contract work at Praekelt on the Unicore CMS and site builder. He worked closely with myself and people in the Strategy team and the Engineering team. He asked good, useful, questions during the process and prompted and provoked many interesting conversations about the CMS and made us challenge assumptions we were making. His work was clear, concise, and well annotated to add clarity where it was needed. The iterative nature of the process meant that he was in frequent communication with the teams at Praekelt, making sure that everything was going in the right direction. He was a great fit, and we were sad to see him go when the contract was up.
Steve Barnett, Praekelt Foundation