Alexander Maughan

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    Web Developer

    HTML + CSS + JavaScript + LAMP

    I do both component-centric MVVM work as well as more traditional MVC web application development. With the latter, I favour progressive enhancement in the browser, keeping model and controller decisions on the server for greater user-centric resilience. I make regular use of things like server-side Node.js automation and preprocessing for the succinct organisation of globally configurable front-end libraries.

    Remote work only

    I'm a proponent of task transparency, branch-driven development, and the mantra of stop starting and start finishing. Video and IM communication fills gaps that PRs and task management tools don't cover. Less overheads for you; more accountable productivity from me.

    New working relationships

    I prefer limited-risk trial periods and technical tests over superficial interviews or portfolios. My work history and recommendations can be viewed on LinkedIn.

My time zone is UTC +2:00